Employee well-being

Companies have invested in better mental health, but more than half of the employees are still struggling with well-being at work.

Thinking comprehensively about health can help workers live longer, better, and more productively.

Although social inclusion increases life expectancy and spiritual health improves the quality of life through providing purpose, both dimensions are often ignored. Physical health also remains essential to employee well-being. For example, sleep deprivation can hinder EQ, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. What can you do to improve your employees’ well-being?

Read more and get inspired by the holistic approach to employee well-being as presented by the McKinsey Health Institute.

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McKinsey Health Institute

The McKinsey Health Institute (MHI) is an enduring, non-profit-generating entity within McKinsey. It was founded on the conviction that, over the next decade, humanity could add as much as 45 billion extra years of higher-quality life (roughly six years per person on average—and substantially more in some countries and populations). MHI’s mission is to catalyze the actions needed across continents, sectors, and communities to realize this possibility.


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