Trailblazers – Your story

Trailblazers is a series of portraits about global equality leaders. People like you that can inspire others.

We envision an article that, next to your career, really focuses on your efforts in regard to one of the EQUAL in Legal topics. We would like to support your initiative and inspire others.

We have the following questions for you (600-800 words):

  1. Who are you (background and career) and what drives you to do what you do (what is important to you and why) ?
  2. Tell us in detail about your specific EQUALITY initiative and challenges and why it matters.
  3. What else would you like to share?
  4. If people want to reach you can how can they do that? Do you want to leave an email, phone number and/or LinkedIn reference in the article for example or would you prefer others to react through the EIL platform?


Please also provide us with:

  1. A recent picture of yourself (max 1 MB);
  2. A short bio (50 words);
  3. Relevant additional photos (max 1 MB each) that we can post with the article.


Please forward the above to:

Your approval counts:

You will always receive a draft version of the article for your approval before we publish it on the EIL Platform. And you can at all times ask us to amend or delete the article in the future. We will share a link to the article with you so that you can share it on social media or internally once published.

    • Access To Law (Justice For All)
    • Ageism
    • Bullying & Harassment
    • Civil Status
    • Community
    • Culture
    • D&I
    • Disability
    • Discrimination & Intimidation
    • Diversity
    • Gender
    • Human Rights
    • Inclusion
    • Lgtb+
    • Mental Health And Well-Being
    • Pro Bono
    • Race & Ethnicity
    • Social & Economic-Background
    • Sustainability/ESG/CSR
    • Talent & Education
    • Various
Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash