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Doing what you are good at

Corporate volunteering is the practice of engaging corporate employees in voluntary action without getting compensated for the work performed and for the benefit of those less fortunate and/or for the benefit of the public case.

Generally, corporate volunteering tends to make more sense when the volunteers in question are skilled at the task in relation to which they are volunteering. It makes more sense to have lawyers volunteering legal skills and IT professionals volunteering IT skills than either volunteering plumbing skills!

The term pro bono is used primarily in the legal profession. Lawyers who engage in pro bono work donate their time and expertise in order to help improve the lives of others.

The legal pro-bono sector is much more active in common law countries than it is for example in Europe. The continental European pro bono movement is still in an emergent phase and cannot be said to be fully “institutionalized,” as it is in the common law jurisdictions. The American Bar Association recommends that all US lawyers donate 50 hours a year to pro bono work.

There are amazingly good pro-bono initiatives, both initiated by corporate lawyers working in-house as by private practice lawyers, whom we want to give a platform to share their charitable work. Should you want to contribute and share your pro-bono/volunteering activities on the EQUAL in LEGAL platform, please contact us.

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