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Allyship against Discrimination

While hardly any human right is invoked as often as the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ ban on discrimination – and nearly all conventions include an anti-discrimination clause – people are still discriminated against every day.

And you don’t have to look too far to find such injustice; discrimination takes place right where we are. It’s everywhere in our daily lives and in our immediate environment. It even takes place where openness and tolerance should be the defining elements of belief and philosophy: in public institutions and in businesses, places where diversity is said to be welcome, and differences are embraced as enrichment. And it is often the case that we are directly involved in discriminatory behavior without realizing it.  

If we want our children to live in a world where they have equal opportunities no matter their ethnicity, gender, sexual identity or (dis)abilities, we all need to step up. Currently it is mostly minorities pushing for a more equal and inclusive society. But we need everyone in if we want to change. Be an ally, you can make a difference to someone’s life.

Please have a look at this incredible piece of work of #SiemensEnergy around the importance of allyship.

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Simone Davina | @Siemens Energy I General Counsel United Kingdom, Ireland and The Netherlands & Global Inclusion & Diversity Lead Legal and Compliance

Simone Davina, is a true advocate for Inclusion & Diversity and proudly shares this great project of @Siemens Energy around the importance of allyship with EQUAL in LEGAL.

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