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Deliberate equitability and inclusion -

Elevate Services is a signatory of the EQUAL in LEGAL Statement and known for its efforts to drive equitability and inclusion. Their annual equitability and inclusion report is an example of their efforts in this respect.

They do a lot in regard to creating awareness and sharing thoughts within the legal sector on D&I among which through a series of  recent podcasts. We’re pleased to share a conversation between two white, non-diverse men talking directly about deliberate equitability and inclusion.  Why it is essential, and what they’re doing to support equitability and inclusion within the legal sector.

Richard Given is General Counsel and Company Secretary of 10X Future Technologies, a FinTech established to transform banking. Richard shares his experience, the importance of being an ally, and the shift needed to build a business based on outcomes.  Setting an example and encouraging General Counsel to demand a behavior change ensures their legal providers include diverse perspectives. He explains the importance of recognizing the differences and challenges that people face to help them succeed.

"You must understand from me that your individual, number one priority has to be your own wellbeing and that it is not in my interest to drive you into the ground.”
Richard Given
General Counsel

The podcast covers a lot, including:

  • [02:24] – The necessity of white men (of all) to engage in Deliberate Equitability and Inclusion.
  • [04:27] – Why diverse perspectives create the best business outcomes?
  • [06:20] – Can law departments, law firms, and law companies drive an Equitability and Inclusion culture?
  • [11:46] – How law departments’ buying behaviors impact the way law firms and law companies deliver their work?
  • [14:16] – How Law firms are responding.
  • [17:11] – Navigating what remains of ‘the boys’ club’ mentality in the corporate culture?
  • [18:34] – 10X efforts towards Deliberate Equitablity and Inclusion.
  • [20:24] – A diverse group of people delivers a better business result.


The interview is conducted by John Croft, President, and Co-Founder of Elevate. The podcast interview is live on ApplePodcasts ,SoundCloud , Stitcher , Spotify and the Elevate website. 

There are more Elevate podcasts on deliberate equitability, diversity, and inclusion. For example with Bendita Cynthia Malakia, the Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Hogan Lovells who touches on the need for change specifically on unconscious bias. Listen to this talk about recognizing our legal colleagues who are underrepresented, the key issues facing the legal industry, and the impact of diversity initiatives on business.

It might inspire you as well to drive the change! Enjoy!

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