Mental Health & Well-being

Wellbeing and Mental Health

Contribution by Eversheds Sutherland

Wellbeing and Mental Health can no longer be seen as ‘nice to have’, but need to be a core part of business strategy. The volume of research continues to grow indicating the negative impact for an individual, and their organisation, where their wellbeing and/or mental health have been poorly managed.

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Embracing the responsibility to inspire others

EQUAL in LEGAL is all about sharing knowledge on EQUALITY in the legal ecosystem. As a community, we want to learn from each other, connect people and together make the world a little better.
We will share stories and articles on EQUALITY related topics like Diversity & Inclusion, Pro-Bono/Volunteering, Access to Justice, Talent & Education and Sustainability.
Most of all we want to do it TOGETHER with all parties within the legal ecosystem; reach out, collaborate, share & connect.

Awesome Women 2020

Monica Philips’ mission is to create space for everyone to be seen, heard, and valued; for everyone to belong; and for everyone to be paid

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Photo by Qusai Akoud on Unsplash

Diversity in the US Legal Profession

According to the American Bar Association, only two professions, the natural sciences, and dentistry have less diversity than law; medicine, accounting, academia, and others do considerably better.

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D&I @Randstad Legal

Contribution by Randstad Legal

We aim to mirror the rich variety of the communities in which we live, work and serve. D&I will help us to build a more open, innovative and productive workplace.

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A cornerstone of the law

Contribution by Clifford Chance

Inclusion is a cornerstone of the law. It’s one of the core values upon which so much of the law has been built. Inclusion is about fairness and justice.

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Social & Economic Background

With a Little Luck

Contribution by Dentons

With great luck in life comes great responsibility. If you want you can stop reading here. Or we could engage in a quick thought
experiment to unpack this idea a bit more?

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dancing people inclusion

What is Inclusion?

If you only focus on the increase of your team’s diversity but do not take steps in regard to being inclusive, you will not proceed

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