Mental Health & Well-being

Employee well-being

Companies have invested in better mental health, but more than half of the employees are still struggling with well-being at work.

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Embracing the responsibility to inspire others

EQUAL in LEGAL is all about sharing knowledge on EQUALITY in the legal ecosystem. As a community, we want to learn from each other, connect people and together make the world a little better.
We will share stories and articles on EQUALITY related topics like Diversity & Inclusion, Pro-Bono/Volunteering, Access to Justice, Talent & Education and Sustainability/ESG/CSR.
Most of all we want to do it TOGETHER with all parties within the legal ecosystem; reach out, collaborate, share & connect.
Discrimination & Intimidation

Allyship against Discrimination

While hardly any human right is invoked as often as the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ ban on discrimination – and nearly all conventions

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